Aligned Leisure makes a splash

Aligned Leisure, a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of the Richmond Football Club, has commenced its takeover of the four Albury and Wodonga aquatic facilities.

Acting Mayor Kat Bennett recently met with members of the Richmond Football team and Aligned Leisure to discuss the takeover while on a tour of the Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre.

“This is one of the first joint initiatives out of the Two Cities One Community partnership, so we are working very closely with Albury Council,” Cr Bennett said.

“Aligned Leisure have taken over the running of these facilities and will offer some really awesome programs.

“One of the highlights is now we have got one membership for all four facilities over Wodonga and Albury, so that is fantastic news and it is certainly something our community have been saying loud and clear that they want and Aligned Leisure were able to deliver on that one.”

Albury Mayor Kevin Mack echoed Cr Bennett’s sentiments and added that the strength of all the tenders was the social benefit to the community and to the users of the centre.

“What comes with Aligned Leisure being successful is the assistance to provide young people with pathways to the future and we know that pathways through AFL football is not the only pathway for success, but it gets those young people on track to be achieving something.”

Merging the Wodonga and Albury aquatic facilities is not only about savings but also cost efficiencies and represents a significant cost saving for both councils.

Aligned Leisure will manage the Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre, Wodonga WAVES, Albury Swim Centre and Lavington Swim Centre for the next five years.

The Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre recently had new, non-slip flooring installed in the aquatic change rooms while visitors and members are set to also benefit from ongoing renovations to the upstairs fitness and gym change rooms, which will include new equipment.