Author inspires others to share their migration story

With many tools available in today's digital world, author Annette Janic says it has never been easier to document one's life story to preserve history for future generations.

Ms Janic shared this important message as part of her author talk at the November 2 and 3 Bonegilla Reunion.

The co-author of War Child and a first generation Australian, Ms Janic's parents and older brother passed through the Bonegilla Migrant Camp after arriving in Australia under the International Refugee organisation program following WWII.

"It's important to try and capture post WWII generation stories, they are just too valuable to not be told and there's not that many of that generation left," she said.

Ms Janic believes her message got across during her author talk.

"Some of the younger generation who came along with their parents had said they planned to help capture the history of their parents," she said.

"We are in a digital age which is great for capturing stories and memories through photos as well as words, so you don't necessarily need a pen and paper these days."

Ms Janic knew she had to tell the story of her own mother who passed away a decade ago now.

The story includes a dark inherited mystery which Ms Janic discovered from her mother's best friend after her mother passed away.

The secret turned her life upside down and is documented in her memoir, War Child.

The biography turned into a memoir after Ms Janic had to write herself into the story as the secret involves herself.

Ms Janic sold many copies of her book at the reunion and hopes to return next year with her brother who she believes can give another perspective on their life.

"It was such a fantastic atmosphere at the reunion and I met some great people and heard their stories," she said.

Over the past 18 months, Ms Janic has delivered a dozen author talks.

War Child can be ordered through book shops and Ms Janic is excited to reveal it will soon be published in Germany.