Baranduda Community Centre boasts impressive facilities

A Baranduda Community Centre committee member is encouraging the public to check out the centre if they need a space to hire.

“People like the facility, it’s a great hall,” Peter Allen said.

“Recently we had the Dragon Boat people do a fundraiser night and they were really successful with their fundraising and have already booked the hall again for next year.

“I really encourage people to have a look at the centre if they have an event like a party or other social event.”

Mr Allen said the centre boasts a great kitchen facility with plenty of space both inside and outside.

“You can open up the building, there’s also outdoor facilities where on a warm evening you can enjoy being outside,” he said.

“People will be impressed with the community centre building once they have a look at it.”

After hiring the hall for his daughter’s 18th birthday three years ago, Mr Allen put his hand up to volunteer at the centre.

“The co-ordinator at the time followed up that contact to invite me on to the committee with some other people and I have stayed involved since then,” he said.

“The role is pretty simple, really. We are there to advise the community centre co-ordinator, who is Stacey at the moment, and give her ideas about what the community centre could consider.

“It’s not a big commitment at all, I make myself available about one hour a month.

“Baranduda is a growing community and there’s a lot of room for input from people.

“People can really have an influence on some ideas, programs, activities and infrastructure for Baranduda.”

Mr Allen said committee members meet on Monday evenings.

“We meet Monday evenings for just an hour or so and it’s just a matter of showing a bit of interest and getting involved in your community,” he said.

“We have organised trivia nights and had a good attendance, it’s always nice to see outcomes for your efforts.

“We have also organised community markets and had several of them over the last couple of years now, so it’s nice to see those outcomes and it’s good to encourage people in the local community to participate in community events.”

Those interested in volunteering on the committee should contact the centre on (02) 6020 8643.