Can you help? This book is a mystery

Do you love a good mystery? Then Wodonga Council could use your help. 

Information Management Officer Julie Murray had been tasked with cataloguing a safe room at Wodonga Council 12 months ago and came across a very old, leather-bound book with minimal markings.

Other than the years 1886 to 1889 written on the spine, the book does not have any other information on it.

Inside the book, it is filled with Pitman script, the names of people as well as some food items.

"I found this book when I was clearing out a safe room and cataloguing all the old records that had been kept in there," she said.

"This books has no other information on it but inside there is all this writing. We think it might be a docket book but we don't know.

"There are people's name, perhaps those who ran shops, a series of Pittman script and words like mutton, side of mutton, lamb, lard, kidneys and oxtail.

"We think it could be from the saleyards but we are not sure. It's also filled with the names of our founding fathers such as Woodland, Richardson, Draper,Tanner and O'Grady."

Pieces of wheat husk have been found within some pages that may provide a clue.

Those who think they may have an insight into the Mystery Book are encouraged to contact Wodonga Council on (02) 6022 9300.