Conversations we need to have

Authors Clementine Ford and Brodie Lancaster will be in Wodonga later this month to discuss a range of topics at The Cube Wodonga.

Ford, author of Fight Like a Girl and Boys will be Boys, and Lancaster, author of No way, Fine Okay, will discuss topics such as growing up in small towns, pop culture, sexuality, toxic masculinity and feminism.

Lancaster, who is looking forward to her trip to Wodonga, said there was a lot to talk about.

Having already honestly examined her own life, she hopes she can offer insight on her path towards body accpetance and feminism.

"I remember my history teacher introducing the idea of feminism in my Year 10 Modern History class," she said.

"She showed the video for Pink’s Stupid Girls which is all about the ways women are represented in pop culture. It put up this divide between hot girls and smart girls and it’s really easy when you’re a teenager to subscribe to the idea that you’re one or the other.

"Since then my feminism has changed and grown and I’ve picked up little bits and pieces to form my own feminism that is specific to me. I really respond to women like Lindy West who identify as fat and put body politics at the centre of their feminism."

Lancaster is also appearing at Girls Write Up earlier in the day, which is an all day festival for teenagers that teaches empowerment through writing and sharing stories.

"I think I take it for granted, living in Melbourne, that I have access to writers and writers' workshops almost any night of the week," she said.

"I grew up in a small town so it's crucial young teens have access to these kinds of workshops and then, hopefully, they can aspire to be the next generation of writers."

Girls Write Up, which is open to both boys and girls, will also feature Sara Mansour, Christie Nieman, Clementine Ford, Claire Christian and Nevo Zisin.

Lancaster said she was looking forward to hearing Nevo Zisin's Writing From Life workshop and speaking on the panel with Ford and Christian called On Writing the Body.

"I think the day will be a great opportunity to have access to so many different writers and so many different perspectives," she said.

"It's a broad mix and hopefully anyone that comes will get a lot out of it."

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