Cr Anna Speedie returns as Mayor

Cr Anna Speedie has been returned unopposed as the city's Mayor at a special council meeting this morning.

The councillors passed a motion to elect a deputy mayor for the first time in some years with Cr Kat Bennett securing the role.

Cr John Watson had previously moved a motion for the mayor to be elected for a two-year term which sees out the council term. The motion was passed 4-3.

He cited the transition for a new chief executive officer and continuity in leadership as reasons behind his motion.

Chief Executive Officer Patience Harrington resigned at the start of the month and will finish up with the council at Christmas.

Cr Speedie said she was delighted to again be leading the city through such an exciting time of change.

"I'm honoured to be given this opportunity to continue to lead this council and represent our city," Cr Speedie said.

"There is still much to be done with many major projects under way or about to begin, including the recruitment of a new CEO."

"It is going to be another busy two years."

Cr Bennett was nominated by Cr Watson. Cr Quilty nominated Cr Libby Hall who also challenged for the position. Cr Bennett was elected in a 4-3 vote.

"I am really proud and excited to accept this role on behalf of my fellow councillors," Cr Bennett said.

"In the past two years I have represented council at events, meetings and with community as much as I can given the constraints of having another job.

"I'm committed to undertaking this role in an open and collaborative manner."

Watch the special council meeting below.