Discover 50 ways to be waste-wise

Stop! Don't throw out those mandarin peels or egg shells!

Discover how to turn mandarin peels into fire-lighters and egg shells into snail repellents and other waste-wise tips at an open house event as part of the 2018 Sustainable Living Festival.

Wodonga Council and Halve Waste have teamed up with Cavalier Homes to encourage residents to come along on Sunday, November 25 to see 50 easy tips for reducing, reusing and recycling as you wander through every room of a Cavalier display house.

Wodonga Council's sustainability co-ordinator Robyn Nicholas said things like food scraps could be put to good use.

"Instead of throwing out your egg shells, dry them out in a container and put them around your pot plants as a natural alternative to snail repellents," she said.

"People should come along because we have lots of tips like this to share like discovering eco-friendly alternatives to plastic toothbrushes, razors and washing pegs.

"It's lots of little things that can help save the planet."

Where: Cavalier Display Home – 54 Maygar Av, White Box Rise, Wodonga
When: Sunday, November 25, noon to 5pm
Cost: Free