E-waste shed being erected

Work has started on a e-waste shed at the Wodonga Waste Transfer Station thanks to funding from Sustainability Victoria.

The Victorian Government has allocated $15 million to support the upgrade of Victoria’s e-waste collection network, delivered through the e-waste infrastructure support program.

The government is banning all electrical and electronic waste items (e-waste) from landfill starting July, 2019.

E-waste - described as electrical or electronic equipment with a power cord or battery and its parts that have been discarded by the owner as waste without the intention of re-use - is growing three times faster than general municipal waste in Australia.

It contains both valuable and hazardous materials that can be recovered when they reach the end of their working life.

Wodonga Council collected 49.9 tonnes of e-waste last financial year from the council transfer station and the dedicated recovery centres (drop-off points located across the city).

Most of the e-waste was made up of TVs, computers and computer peripherals, while 1.3 tonne were batteries.

Mobile phones and accessories accounted for 300kg, while lamps (globes and tubes) came in at 480kg.

The government’s proposed package for better managing e-waste in Victoria will encourage safe management of the hazardous materials, and enable greater recovery of the valuable materials, ultimately leading to a more stable industry and more jobs for Victoria.

The support program will primarily involve funding collection and storage infrastructure upgrades across Victoria’s existing collection network.

The upgrades will increase the community’s access to best practice e-waste disposal points and increase Victoria’s capacity and capability to safely collect and store the increasing volumes of e-waste.

In early 2018, Wodonga Council received funding for the dedicated e-waste shed.

Sustainability Victoria awarded the council $99,000 for the 20m x 12m shed.

The tender was awarded early March, 2019, with a project completion date about June.