In a regular series, we are going to take you on a little time travel as we delve into the Wodonga Council archives.

We will bring you stories and photographs from the 142 years since Wodonga became its own municipality.

The council’s archives are filled with interesting stories, some you may have heard of and some you may not have, and a couple that are mysteries.

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Flashback Friday: Pollard Arch

Standing tall and proud over Hamilton Smith Drive, it's hard to imagine all the changes the Pollard Arch has witnessed in Wodonga.

The Pollard Arch, located near the racecourse, has been a part of Wodonga's history for more than 60 years.

The arch is named in honour of Cr Charles Pollard, a foundation member of the Wodonga Show Society and former Wodonga Shire councillor and president. The arch is 29 metres wide and 15 metres high and consists of two bommerangs coming together to form an archway.

Originally spanning across a single carriageway of the Lincoln Causeway, the arch was opened by Princess Alexandra of Kent in 1959 and was built for £1230.

When the Country Roads Board said the causeway would have to be duplicated in 1973, a new home was required for the arch.

At first both Albury and Wodonga councils were hopeful the arch could be relocated close by and the cost would be borne by the roads board.

However, these hopes were dashed when the roads board informed the councils "that any archway erected would have to be taken down and be replaced or relocated without cost to the board."

After this, the roads board would not allow the re-erection of the illuminated Wodonga-Albury sign that had also hung from the arch. Both councils fought against this and state politicians supported putting the sign in the immediate area.

The town planning and car park committee deferred the matter of the arch's location for two months before recommending the council write a letter to the racecourse recreation reserve management committee to ask for their approval in the use of their land to erect the arch.

At the request of the Wodonga Show Society, the arch was moved to the entrance of the showgrounds in 1982.

After development of the precinct in 2015, the Pollard Arch was erected on Hamilton Smith Drive with the blessing of the Pollard family.