From shop floor to top door at IICA Technology Expo

The newest and most innovative Engineering industry products will be on show at a Technology Expo hosted by the Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation Australia (IICA).

The exhibition is designed for everyone involved in the engineering field - from the shop floor to the top door - including designers, engineers, technicians and operators, purchasing and management.

Meet more than 45 plus National & International Exhibitors for an afternoon of networking and to show off cutting edge developments in the instrumentation control and automation industry.

It is one in a series of Technology Expo’s the IICA holds every year across Australia to provide an opportunity for people to view the latest Engineering products first-hand and talk to the manufacturers, suppliers and experts who know them best.

This Technology Expo offers something to people involved at all levels of the Engineering industry and provides a rare opportunity to view the hottest and best products on the market.

The IICA has built a stellar reputation over two decades for attracting leaders in the Engineering field. Our members understand the importance of taking their products and knowledge out to people in all areas across Australia.

The exhibitors are experts in their fields and you’ll be able to save time by seeing a diverse range of suppliers and experts in one afternoon who will be able to answer your questions.

Come along and learn about solutions to suit your business, tap into the minds of experts, while also taking the opportunity to network with like-minded people.

For more information visit iica.org.au or M: 0425 824 508

Some of the products on display include:

Burner management and flame safeguard, flow and level measuring and switching, temperature and pressure transmitters, energy monitoring and management, variable speed drives, PLCs, signal conditioning and isolators, data loggers, safety system products, limit switches, electric heat tracing, electrical terminals and electricians tools, HMI products, steam traps and heat exchangers, internet and data signalling equipment – wired and wireless, emissions monitoring and combustion analysis equipment, valves of all varieties, proximity and distance sensing, pressure and temperature gauges, surge and lightning protection devices, heating elements…and many more. You can even recruit an engineer for a project.