Golden touch for Bennetts Lane

Blane timelapse

A series of golden tail spiny ants now take pedestrians from one end of Bennetts Lane to the other in the latest laneway makeover.

Over 10 days, several painters worked alongside Chiltern-based artist Kirrily Anderson to make her concept drawing come to life.

Her mural centres around the notion of slowing down and taking notice of what is around us and features the golden tail spiny ant, which is an Australian native and can be found in the nature reserves around Wodonga.

"I was walking around Swainsona Reserve behind Hunchback Hill one day and came across these ants, they are beautiful with their golden tail," she said.

"Not many people seem to know that these ants are a specific ant from around here."

Ms Anderson is pleased with the finished product, saying the artwork really freshens up the space.

"The gold paint really pops and the light catches it really well," she said.

"I also chose a soft natural colour palette inspired by leaf litter to bring the calm of the Australian bush into the urban landscape."

Work also included the installation of improved lighting.