Green light for animal plan and lands strategy

Councillors have unanimously voted to adopt the Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) and the Industrial Lands Strategy at the July council meeting.

The DAMP provides Wodonga Council with a framework to deliver services, programs and policies to address how they implement State Government legislation of the Domestic Animal Act 1994.

It also details the management of dog and cat issues in the community for a four-year period.

Cr Ron Mildren said the plan was as close to perfect as any plan could be.

"This plan goes a long way to loving us forward in the management of domestic animals. What this plan basically seeks to do is put some level of regulation and control ... it seeks to apply local controls and to put in place the different mechanisms to ensure we get the right outcomes" Cr Mildren said.

Cr John Watson said the hardest part of any plan what policing it and asked everyone to do their part to ensure domestic animals were doing the right thing.

He also spoke of the importance of animals in our community.

"I think our society has changed a lot and companion animals are so important - for the elderly for a bit of companionships and for the sick in hospitals," Cr Watson said.

The Industrial Lands Strategy ensures suitable industrial-zoned land is provided to meets the needs of emerging businesses.

Cr Danny Lowe said the strategy was important part of answering questions for the community such as where to next?, where are our new jobs coming from?

"The lands strategy is a good means for moving forward," he said.

"We've got the really work with our economic development department to help with the uptake of this land and really promote the unique advantages of Wodonga."

Councillors also spoke of the importance of Logic and how the vision of that hub helped to secure a future for the younger generations of Wodonga.