Hop on the Super Brain Train

Memory loss is not a natural part of ageing. There are recognised techniques to improve your memory as you age.
Maggie Flanagan

Wellness and nutrition coach Maggie Flanagan is inviting residents to Wodonga Library on Tuesday, November 20 as part of a free workshop on brain training.

Super Brain Train is an educational workshop, which focuses on a holistic-health approach to our daily routines, to incorporate best practice for a brain-protective lifestyle.

Don't expect to be bombarded with facts, figures and crossword puzzles, the workshop will involve learning how to best train your brain while in a fun atmosphere.

"People don't learn unless they are enjoying themselves and that's the key to the workshop," Ms Flanagan, who has a background in teaching, said.

Aging and memory loss are two things many assume go hand-in-hand but that is not the case, says Ms Flanagan.

"Scientific research now knows that memory loss is not a normal part of ageing," she said.

"In fact, thanks to neuroplasticity research (Norman Doig), there are now recognised ways to improve your memory as you age.

"Prevention, however, is a much bigger picture than simply doing crossword puzzles."

For the past six years, the Melbourne-based resident has focused her research on Dementia prevention.

Ms Flanagan's grandmother and aunt both died recently from Alzheimer’s so she has a personal interest in the illness.

There are close to 50 million people in the world with dementia today and more than 131 million predicted by 2050, she said.

Ms Flanagan said researchers across the world were seeking a cure for Alzheimer’s but focus has now broadened from treatment to prevention strategies.

The workshop will be interactive and is designed to facilitate connections between participants, with many brain health tips woven between activities as much as possible for an active learning style.

"I encourage residents to come on down to the library and be a part of the workshop. There are many people who frequent the library but have never met each other, now is your chance," she said. 

Notes and reading lists will be available for participants.

The session will run from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Bookings are essential, book here.