Irrigation upgrades to save city water

Wodonga Council will continue to roll out an upgrade to the central irrigation system this financial year to cut water usage and increase efficiencies across the city.

Manager Outdoor Operations Richard Lamb said the roll out would see upgrades to the irrigation infrastructure at ovals and preschools to continue to reduce leaks as well as the installation of monitoring devices so that rainfall, leaks, over and under-watering would be quickly detected.

"Any alerts about the system are sent straight to a smartphone or device and I can shut it down or alter the system," he said.

"The controller used to be onsite. Now if something happens on the weekend, like a leak or break, it can be turned off via a smart phone and the process for it to be fixed sped up.

"So there's time-saving effiencies as well water savings. We can adjust for rain whether we need to stop sporting ovals from getting any water or whether they just need a little bit."

The infrastructure upgrade began in 2014 after a $372,000 grant from the State Government.

The expected savings will assist the city in becoming more resilient to drier summers and less reliant on increasing the amount of water required to keep areas green and usable.