It's a new rates year - here's what you need to know

Wodonga residents will have received their first rates notice of the 2018-2019 year.

A reduction in the waste management charge means the average residential ratepayer will see a 0.14 per cent drop on their total rates bill.

Rates rise 2.25 per cent in line with state cap but the waste management levy will drop by $51.20.

The kerbside garbage collection charge and waste management levy are listed separately on the rates notice.

In this budget, the waste management levy continues to cover the costs of street cleaning, tip rehabilitation, transfer station administration and other general waste management functions for the city.

For residential ratepayers, the rates notice includes two vouchers for the waste transfer station.

There has been a property revaluation in 2018 for the 2018-2019 year, which will make comparisons against the previous year’s rates notice difficult. The revaluation does not result in the council receiving additional revenue but allows for an equitable sharing of the rate revenue council receives across the municipality. The Victorian Government has introduced annual valuations which will come in from 2019-2020.

There is more information on your rates on the council website including an explanation on how to read your rates notice.

The $24.5 million capital works program includes $8 million from grants and contributions and sees our asset renewal fully funded with a $5.6 million allocation.

This is the sixth year of no new borrowings.

A rate concession is granted to eligible pensioners who have full entitlements for the rating period. This concession increases annually according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and is shown as a government concession in the financial area of the rates notice. If you hold a card that grants you full entitlements and have not received a concession for the property that is your sole place of residence, you need to fill in and return the application form for a rates concession. You must return to us in person at the Hovell St office and bring your card to be sighted. Forms are also available at customer focus for completion and processing. Once completed the concession is granted in future years until your circumstances change.

Health Care Card holders are eligible to concessions on certain charges but this does not apply to a concession on council rates. Find out more at our website.

Wodonga Council collects rates to provide a wide range of services and to deliver important building projects and services that our growing community needs now and into the future.

Each year, your rates are used to provide essential services, including:

  • Emergency management services such as response and recovery;
  • Transport and infrastructure services such as roads, footpaths and cycle paths;
  • Planning and building services such as land use planning, economic development and environmental conservation;
  • Environment services such as sustainability and natural resource management;
  • Health services such as immunisation sessions and food regulations; and,
  • Social and community services such as disability support and early childhood services like preschools and maternal and child health.

Significant items in 2018-2019 include:

  • The final stage of the High St reconstruction;
  • A gas gate at Logic;
  • Planning for a new cultural precinct;
  • Installation of seating and water bubblers;
  • Installation of Wi-fi in public places;
  • Playground upgrades and a new playground at Daintree Estate;
  • Car park improvements at Willow Park and the athletics facility;
  • Construction of key foot and cycle path linkages; and,
  • Upgrade to the CBD to High Country rail trail.