It's actually good to be nervous

Stand-up comedy is one of the most terrifying performing arts you can do as a performer but it doesn't have to be, says Alyce Fisher.

The executive director of Murray Arts, who has a background in performing arts including comedy, is facilitating a series of workshops for high-school-aged students (years 9 to 12) who have a talent for making people laugh.

"It's about giving the kids, who are brave enough to put their hand up, the wind beneath their wings so that they can get on stage and go for it," Alyce said.

"Half the battle is having the bravery to put your hand up and say yes.

"My job is to take them on that journey and get them on stage."

The 2008 Raw Comedy Festival finalist admits she still gets nervous when taking to the stage and explained why that's a good thing.

"It is important to be nervous any time you go on stage. Nerves mean you care about what you are doing and that's really important," Alyce said.

"The key is to then harness those nerves for good and use them to your advantage."

The Class Clowns 2019 workshops will be held on March 12, 13 and 14 from 4pm to 5.30pm.

"We will explore different comedy styles and look at comedians we like to learn what it is we like - is it the rhythm of their delivery or their content ?" Alyce said.

"Some comedians work well in an improvised setting and others need a very strict script that they stick to and so it's about figuring out what works best.

"We will work on all this and get them ready for the stage."

The workshops are a forerunner to Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s one-of-a-kind, national secondary school comedy competition - Class Clowns 2019.

Class Clowns 2019 presents the best young comedians in the region on Thursday, March 14 at The Cube Wodonga.

Hosted by a special guest comedian, the evening will keep you entertained with a combination of stand-up, sketch, physical and musical acts.

Anything goes as long as it’s funny!

The winning comedians will progress to Melbourne for the finals and will be in the running to win a $2500 prize package.

If you’re a young comedian who’d like to register in a heat, take part in a workshop or find more information, visit www.classclowns.com.au