Jump on the Plant Swap and Pot bandwagon

Join plant enthusiasts for a Plant Swap and Pot at Junction Square on Saturday, November 17 from 9am to noon.

Bring along a pest-free, beautiful indoor plant (or two or three) to trade.

They can be wrapped up or bareroot, as long as you are prepared to part with them.

Cuttings, seedlings or runners, as long as they can be replanted, are also welcome.

Beechworth-based artist Jo Voigt, who is the queen of creating artwork out of discarded items, will be on hand to show you easy ways of using recycled materials to make groovy pots.

"I am a big fan of recycling and I have been an environmental artist for a long time, so I like to lead by example," she said.

"It's great to get creative using everyday items."

Among the everyday items Ms Voigt uses to make pots include old plastic drink bottles, recycled paper and plastic bailing twine.

"There are many everyday items you can use, you just have to think outside the square," she said.

Potting mix and materials will be supplied at the event.