Keeping the city green

Trees that will live for several thousand years have been planted at Sumsion Gardens.

The Redwood variety, which look like a pine tree once established, grow to be 80 metres tall and are popular in America.

Up to 50 trees including many different varieties will be planted around the gardens over the coming months and are part of council's annual tree planting that will see 1500 trees planted across the city.

Arboriculture co-ordinator Brad O’Grady said 71 different species would be planted.

"We always put in more trees than we take out each year," he said.

"It's about keeping the city green."

Varities to be planted along residential streets include autumn blaze maple trees, callistemons, spotted gums and crape myrtles.

Trees planted along the roadsides in Felltimber Creek Road are Eucalyptus citriodora ‘lemon scented gums’.

They are planted four meters from back of kerb and at eight meter intervals.

These trees may grow to about 15 meters in height in the Wodonga climate.

Natives are used in the Felltimber Creek Road precinct to match in with the existing native corridors of remnant vegetation.

Citriodora have been used in many other locations in the city’s main thoroughfares, such as in the Thomas Mitchell Drive medians, Melrose Drive medians, and along Melbourne Road, and have been found not to be causing any issues in these locations.

Citriodora are considered to be structurally sound for a native and have desired aesthetic attributes when planting streetscapes.

Planting will continue until October.

Parks and Gardens has a street tree selection pallet of trees that they select the appropriate species from. Council’s arborist choose from this list when deciding on species, also basing their selection on other factors such as:

  • Width of nature strip (big trees for larger spaces);

  • Aerial space to fill;

  • Nearby infrastructure, assets;

  • Proximity of powerlines;

  • Climate and growing conditions e.g. exposure to frost, wind;

  • Existing adjacent tree species.