Keeping your dog safe when the fireworks start

It's New Year's Eve and that means firework celebrations will take place tonight and may well be heard in your neighbourhood.

Many dogs are terrified of the noise and flashes associated with fireworks and will do anything to get away and so with this in mind, Wodonga Council is urging dog owners to keep their pets secure during these New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Fireworks will be head around the Birallee Park area for the New Year's Eve Fireworks event on December 31, which involves an evening of food stalls, free live music and family entertainment.

Animals often escape from their backyard and roam the streets, which can lead to them being hit by a car, becoming lost or ending up in the pound.

Dog owners are advised to provide a secure environment for pets during the festive season.

Where possible, bring your dog inside or confine them in a secure area before the fireworks begin.

Try leaving the lights on in the room to disguise the flashes, and put on the television or radio to mask the noise.

Importantly, make sure your dog is micro-chipped and registered with the council, and all your details are up-to-date.

Dogs should also be wearing a collar identification tag so if they escape they can be easily returned.