Kicking goals with sport and recreation grants

Sport and recreation is a major part of the Wodonga community.

At Council's June meeting a number of sport and recreation projects were recommended for the 2019-2020 Sport and Recreation Victoria Funding Programs.

Cr Danny Lowe highlighted the fact that some sporting organisations need a helping hand in finding relevant funding opportunities and believes council can lead the way.

"Having staff on board to work with community groups and show them where the funding is available is a great initiative and if council can make a small contribution to make it happen, then so be it," Cr Lowe said.

Council recently invited all sporting and recreation groups to submit expression of interest under the Minor Facilities, Cricket Facilities and Female Friendly Facilities Categories.

Council officers have consulted with Sport and Recreation Victoria to determine the strength of individual projects in satisfying the criteria of the Community Sports Infrastructure Fund.

Club contributions are still to be finalised (cash and/or in kind) which will reduce the council contribution for the recommended projects.

Cr Tim Quilty said he was pleased to see most of the projects had some sort of user group contribution.

"We probably should see more of that but the heavy lifting is being done by the state government, we hope," he said.

Cr Kat Bennett agreed and said there was only one project where the user group was not contributing - the Female Friendly Facilities.

Cr Bennett took the opportunity to congratulate the Wodogna Senior Secondary College for putting in more than $2 million for its project.

"That's an epic amount," she said.

Mayor Anna Speedie said one of the things that made council successful in terms of getting funding grants was, not only the fantastic grant writing, but also having plans and having the vision and being able to commit to that as a council and as a community.

"We are absolutely strengthened by our community groups because it is part of our policy where our community groups do co-contribute and they should all be congratulated," Cr Speedie said.

"I have had the great privilege of opening quite a few new facilities over the last few weeks and every single one of those groups have co-contributed and they have worked hard out in our community and absolutely deserve everything they have."

The following table outlines the projects which are recommended for application and the requested council contribution.






Better Indoor Stadium Fund

Wodonga Senior Secondary College Stadium





World Game Facilities Fund

Kelly Park cricket/soccer pavilion redevelopment





Currently in council’s forward budget

La Trobe Soccer Facility Lighting





Female Friendly Facilities

Emerald Oval Pavilion Development





Currently in council’s forward budget

Community Sports Infrastructure Fund

Martin Park Lighting Upgrade





Birallee Park outdoor cricket nets redevelopment





Currently in council’s forward budget

*Regional Soccer Facility Feasibility Study