Lighting it up for safety

You may have noticed some shared pathways and parks across the city are more lit up at night.

Wodonga Council recently installed 54 new solar lights along pathways in six Wodonga parks, following on from 23 lights installed in and around Belvoir Park last June.

The solar lighting project has been funded through the Victorian Government's Community Crime Prevention: Public Safety Infrastructure Fund, allowing council to further illuminate our popular pathways.

The most recent lights have been installed at the following parks:

  • Birallee Park
  • David Bishop Park
  • Arthur Dunstan Park
  • Frank Krier and George Looms Park
  • Westlands Park
  • James Taverny Park

The lights are solar powered LED lights that will enable residents to travel safely from the CBD, schools and sports reserves to shops and their homes after hours.

They are also low maintenance, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Wodonga Council Sport and Recreation Officer Ryan McNamara said the new lighting hoped to encourage people to walk and ride to work.

"The lights have motion detection, so as you approach they brighten up but when you're not there using them they'll dim down to 30 per cent brightness," he said.

"This gives us a much better life span for the battery and it's better for the environment.

"We have now installed more than 200 solar lights along pathways around Wodonga and will continue to roll out more into the future as we secure further funding."