Love found in Bonegilla Migrant Camp

The Bonegilla Migrant Camp is a product of many successful settlement stories but also the occasional tale of love.

Border Historian Bruce Pennay recalls a romance involving a language instructor at the camp who was a single mum with a teenage boy who met a Polish man, fell in love and married him.

"What's interesting to me was that he was a photographer and his photographs of her at Bonegilla at various picnics are really a love story unfolding as he gets to know her," he said.

"We have a picture of her on one of our picture walls down on the road and it's a man and a woman looking at each other through a camera and to me it's a nice story."

This story, along with many others, will be told as part of a historian talk at the Bonegilla Reunion weekend on November 2 and 3.

The 45-minute session will be held in the Tudor Hall on November 2 from 10.30am with morning tea to follow.

Cost is $12 and a booking is required.

Dr Pennay who compiled Picturing and Re-picturing Bonegilla, an 80-page volume filled with images of the migrant reception centre, believes Bonegilla shows how we as an Australian community, and as a local community, took in strangers from overseas.

"That's something we are still doing today, we are taking in strangers from overseas and welcoming them to Australia," he said.

To book a seat at the historian talk, phone (02) 6020 6912.