Medieval re-enactment at Wodonga Racecourse

The grounds of Wodonga Racecourse will be the location for local medieval re-enactment group Bordescros SCA playing host to the Italian Rennaisance this week, with visitors from across Australia attending November Crown Tournament.

The event will be starting on Saturday morning with the main event, the Crown Tournament, taking place in the afternoon.

This will be followed by a 16th century feast, based on the recipes of Antonio Scappi who was the ‘celebrity chef’ of the age.

Three local members are competing in the Crown Tournament, along with 12 other fighters including three women.

The locals are Duke Eirikr Thorinssen, Master James Douglas and Lord Robert Campbell.

If successful they will ‘reign’ in the Kingdom of Lochac from January to July 2019.

On Sunday there will be a armoured tournament, followed by a closing Court.

There will be a rapier (fencing) tournament, a small market, games as well as an Arts and Sciences competition with categories including cheese and dairy, forged (metal) items, items inspired by the 16th century and embroidery depicting hunting.

The Kingdom of Lochac covers Australia and New Zealand, and is one of 20 kingdoms across the globe for the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The local group currently covers an area from Wangaratta to north of Wagga, and has some 70 members of all ages.

There is no free entry to the event, and bookings are essential along with an attempt at pre1600 dress.

For further information contact the Steward for the event, Joy Walker at novembercrown2018@gmail.com or 0427 432 870 or go to the website at http://bordescros.lochac.org/november-crownas53