New cricket nets for Baranduda

Work has recently finished on a larger training facility at the Baranduda Recreation Reserve, involving the replacement of three cricket training nets with a larger four-lane cricket and multi-use training facility.

The creation of a larger training facility at the venue allows for the expected continued growth of the Baranduda Rangers Cricket club into the future.

The use of retractable soft netting in the facility enables a larger training capacity for the existing cricket club and multi-use opportunities for the community.

Public access has been maintained to one of the nets.

The project was delivered in partnership between Wodonga Council and the Baranduda Rangers Cricket Club.

It was funded by the Victorian Government through the Community Sports Infrastructure Fund 2017-18 (Cricket Facilities) grant ($73,000), Baranduda Rangers Cricket Club and Wodonga Council.

Landscaping work is still to be carried out.