New solar bins hungry for rubbish and recyclables

It's hard to miss the latest addition to The Cube Wodonga Courtyard - two Big Belly Bins capable of collecting six times the amount of waste as a standard 120-litre bin.

The solar bins feature the latest in technology and have been designed to look like friendly monsters, with the words 'feed me...waste' and 'feed me...recycling' adorning the front to entice the correct behaviour for waste management.

Big Belly Bins function by using a solar panel to charge a 12-volt battery, which powers a compaction unit inside of the station to squash down the collected waste.

"As the waste fills up inside of the bin, it will eventually reach a fill level sensor which trigger the compaction unit to squash down the collected waste," Wodonga Council's Waste Management Co-ordinator Jason Perna said.

"This results in the solar compaction bin being able to collect six times the amount of waste as a standard 120-litre bin.

"The bin will then notify the waste team when it is ready for collection via a text message or email."

Another two Big Belly Bins have been installed at Junction Square near Piccolo Pod, featuring eye-catching bin wraps that reflect the first ‘Spirit of Progress’ trains that passed through the city back in 1947.

Mr Perna said the bins were acquired as a means to maximise efficiencies and reduce the city's carbon footprint, reduce rubbish and recycling overflows in bins, eliminate unnecessary collections and improve collection efficiencies, eliminate odours from bins and improve waste data collection.

"I believe this technology will drive efficiency in waste management operations and help our community to become more engaged in waste disposal that results in being a smarter and cleaner city," he said.