Opportunity for a bargain

There has probably never been a better time to shop for secondhand items thanks to the popularity of Marie Kondo's KonMari method of spring cleaning.

Secondhand retailers, including the reuse shop at Wodonga Waste Transfer Station, have been inundated with pre-loved items waiting for a new home.

Purchasing secondhand has many benefits such as keeping tonnes of material out of landfill, raising funds for charities and saving yourself money - to name a few.

Wodonga Council's Sustainability Co-ordinator Robyn Nicholas said choosing to purchase secondhand clothing not only saves clothing from landfill but also saves the environmental impacts of manufacturing clothing.

"This means saving on sourcing the raw material extraction like cottons and water, as well as the energy and cost to manufacture and transport new items," she said.

"Purchasing from op-shops also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and your money goes towards a local group that generally support our community."

Top tips to consider when visiting secondhand shops:

  • Purchase good quality clothing so items last longer
  • Consider purchasing versatile clothing pieces that can be multiuse or layered for different seasons
  • Stick to the cleaning instructions so items last as long as possible
  • Repair clothing or attend your local repair cafe for assistance to mend clothing instead of sending to landfill or needing to replace the item

Here is a list of secondhand shops in Albury-Wodonga:

  • MS Op-shop - 156 High St, Wodonga
  • Meeting Place Community Shop - 39 Emerald Avenue, Wodonga
  • Vision Australia Opportunity Shop - 441 Dean St, Albury
  • ADRA Op Shop - 805 David St, Albury
  • Red Cross Op Shop - 583 Dean St, Albury
  • Salvation Army Red Shield Family Store - 1100 Mate St, North Albury
  • St David's Uniting Church Bargain Centre - 517 Wilson St, 593 Olive St, Albury
  • St Vincent de Paul Op-shop - Ritz Arcade, Albury
  • The River Community Church Op-shop - 524 David St, Albury
  • Albury-Wodonga Health Op-Shop - 74 High St, Wodonga
  • Cash Savers - 133 High St, Wodonga
  • Cash Exchangers - 447 Dean St, Albury
  • Guinea Street Trading Centre - 468 Guinea St, Albury
  • Lifeline Shop Opportunity Shop - 429 Wilson St, Albury
  • The Re-use Shop at the Wodonga Waste Transfer Station - Kane Rd, Wodonga
  • My Changing Room - 529 Dean Street, Albury
  • Vision Australia Op-Shop - 441 Dean St, Albury
  • The River Community Church Op-Shop - 524 David St, Albury
  • Salvation Army Op-Shop - 153 Melbourne Rd, Wodonga