Raw, confronting and real

Kim Hodges book tour - Girl Over the Edge

Author Kim Hodges admits her new book Girl Over the Edge could be shocking to some people who read it. But that's how it's supposed to be.

The book explores Kim's five-year journey that involves six lengthy hospital stays, multiple trips to the emergency department, many engagements with health professionals, and eventually, the ability for Kim to overcome the denial, shame and stigma she feels about her mental illness.

Kim says she understands readers may be shocked by the content but many will benefit from the content and hopefully understand more about mental illness and depression.

"I think hearing people's lived experiences with mental health is a good thing. I'm just telling them how it is and readers of the book have told me they have learnt so much from it," Kim said.

"They are able to gain an insight into the shame and stigma that people who have mental illness may be feeling and why they don't share what's happening.

"If you break your leg, then people see the cast and ask how you going, sign the cast. No one asks how's your broken mind. That's such a no-no."

Kim is in the middle of a 22-leg book tour that will stop at Wodonga Library on Friday, July 20 from 2pm to 3pm.

As well as discussing her book and speaking about mental illness, Kim will also take readers through her personal writing process including the how, why and for whom.

"Writing the books were very challenging for me," she said.

"But it has also been very healing for me as well."

Kim Hodges - Writing Your Memoir
Date: Friday, July 20
Where: Wodonga Library
Time: 2pm to 3pm
Cost: Free