Shine a light on volunteers - nominate one now

We know volunteers don't contribute their time and effort for recognition but here at Wodonga Council we want to shine a light on some of our hard-working community members.

Peter Whitmarsh is one such deserving volunteer who was last year's winner of the individual Volunteer of the Year Award in the Community Service category.

As Border Relay for Life chairperson, Peter volunteers countless hours of his time to the cause.

"I have been on that committee for the past six years, maybe seven," he said.

"It's terrific for us to see the community come together to raise funds for cancer research.

"We do the fundraising throughout the year but then come together at the end of the year for the actual event.

"It's great to hear their stories, it's quite moving, you know - we come to celebrate and we come to remember, and we come to fight back against this insidious disease that we know as cancer."

Peter said it was important to nominate someone as a volunteer for these awards.

"At the end of the day, it's not just recognition for the individual, but for the group that works with that individual and what they collectively give back to the community," he said.

"There's a lot of people within the community doing really, really great deeds.

"They work at it year in, year out.

"There are clubs, there are community groups, and sporting clubs, it's just fantastic to see how many people come together and make life better for individuals within our community.

"Getting that opportunity is just a very rewarding and fulfilling opportunity and that's why I am a volunteer."

Peter was honoured to receive last year's award and is encouraging others to nominate someone who stands out for the hard work they do in the community.

These awards consist of three components:

1. Recognition of an outstandingly effective volunteer as the Volunteer of the Year, who will receive a certificate to commemorate his or her achievement;

2. Recognition of individual category winners, who will each receive a trophy to commemorate his or her achievement; and,

3. Recognition of an outstandingly effective team of volunteers as the Volunteer Team of the Year, who will receive a trophy to commemorate their achievement.

Nominate here https://wod.city/VolAward2019 before 5pm, Friday, April 12.