Speed limit review set to result in changes across city

Following 24 submissions and almost 100 Facebook comments to the speed limit review this year, the council will be applying to VicRoads for approval for five speed limit changes across the city.

The changes came from advice from the Traffic Liaison Committee that considers all matters relating to road safety, including speed limits.

Road safety in the Wodonga community is a significant focus and the review of speed limits is a key factor in maintaining high road safety requirements.

The State Government’s Towards Zero 2016-2020 – Victoria’s Road Safety Strategy & Action Plan supports reducing speed limits in high pedestrian and cyclist zones.

The effect of the proposed changes to travel times for each of the proposals can be measured in seconds, however, the positive effect of improved safety for other road users is significant.

The adopted changes are:

  • To extend the existing 60km/h speed limit 400m westwards on Huon Creek Road. This will also require the existing 80km/h speed limit to be moved an equal amount in a westerly direction;
  • To extend the 70km/h speed limit on Felltimber Creek Rd, which currently terminates west of the McGaffins Rd intersection, a distance of approximately 800m to south of Coyles Rd;
  • To extend the existing 50km/h speed limit on Kinchington Rd 300m past the new intersection of Hampshire Blvd;
  • To extend the existing permanent 60km/h speed limit 1.2km to the end of the Westmont aged care facility; and,
  • To implement a timed 40km/h speed zone in Lawrence St from Campaspe St through to Drage Rd. Parkers Rd from 100m south of Lawrence St into Moorefield Park Drive to the intersection with Ambrose Court and Drage Rd from the roundabout to the existing 40km/h timed school speed zone east of Iron Way.

Council officers will also seek approval from VicRoads for the “End 80” sign on Baranduda Boulevard to be replaced with a 100km/h sign following feedback that showed confusion on what the sign meant.

An application will now be made to VicRoads for approval to install the required speed limit signage for the changes.

See maps of the proposed change here