Swing Man Damian Callinan is ready to entertain you

Damian Callinan likes to dance so much, he days he has been diagnosed with OTTDS - Over the Top Dancing Syndrome.

After years of partner dancing and cutting up dance floors on his own, he discovers the only cure is to learn how to swing dance.

Swing Man sends Callinan, a renowned comedian, on a journey back to the incidents that set him on his path of dancing.

Callinan teams up with Genevieve Wallis, who is the director of two dance troupes in Melbourne and shares the role with Jeanne-Clare Storace.

Join Callinan as he demonstrates how well he has learnt his lindy hops, shags amd boogie woogies.

Swing Man performs at The Cube, Wodonga tonight at 7.30pm. 

What: Swing Man

When: Friday, August 24, The Cube, Wodonga

Tickets: $29

Time: 7.30pm show