Take care not to obstruct footpaths

The Wodonga Access Advisory Group have been made aware of increased incidents of vehicles, tree branches or leaf litter obstructing footpaths.

The group is made up of community members who have an interest in improving the accessibility of Wodonga.

Wodonga resident and a member of the group Kylie Paull, who uses a mobility scooter to travel around, often finds herself having to move onto the road when a vehicle, trailer or an overhanging branch obstructs her path.

"It just gets so frustrating," she said.

"If I am just going down the street and cars are blocking driveways then you have to go on the road which is not safe."

Obstructing a footpath in any manner is against the law.

As a member of the Wodonga Access Advisory Group, Mrs Paull has spoken to some homeowners who are mostly obliging to keep their gardens from obstructing footpaths.

"I sometimes come across hedges that are overgrown and you may scrape your arm against them while passing, which can be a problem if you are allergic to them," she said.

Council's Community Planning and Development Co-ordinator Anthea Maher, who facilitates the Wodonga Access Advisory Group, urges community members to consider the different people who use the paths outside of their homes or businesses.

"Please keep them free of clutter or vehicles as this is really a mode of transport for many people," she said.

"Obstructing footpaths poses a big problem for people who rely on mobility scooters, wheelchairs and as well as mothers and fathers with prams and can be a real restraint on getting around Wodonga.

"So when you are parking your vehicle, please consider whether it is in a place that may be blocking a path."