WAGS - but not as you know them

Who was the original WAG? Victoria Beckham? Well, according to the Wodonga Council archives, the acronym WAG has been in use since 1940.

But it didn't stand for Wives And Girlfriends, rather the Wodonga Army Girls Society.

The WAGS Book details the minutes of every minute from the first eight meetings from July 1, 1940 to October 20, 1940.

The first meeting was held in the Shire Council Rooms at 8pm and it was decided to form an organisation to care for the "comfort and entertainment" of soldiers who would be staying at Bonegilla.

Mrs Foster was elected president, Miss M Ronan and Mrs l McCullough were named as vice-presidents with Miss J Anderson named as secretary and Miss Ryan as treasurer.

There were 32 patronsses including Mrs Dickson, Mrs Waters and Mrs Ryan as chief patronesses.

Mrs A Baker, Mrs McGeoch, Mrs Richardson and Mrs hide were listed as chaperones with one to attend every gathering.

There was a membership fee of a shilling. It was also decided there would be eight sections - social, first aid, dramatic, rest room, literature, comfrts, visiting and canteen.

Each section leader was responsible for the section and was a member of the committee with a vote.

Over the coming months, the society organised a novelty night, first aid classes, a penny dance with women charged one shilling to attend and men one shilling, sixpence.

They also arranged a card party and a small concert with community singing.

In a regular series, we are going to take you on a little time travel as we delve into the Wodonga Council archives.

We will bring you stories and photographs from the 142 years since Wodonga became its own municipality.

The council’s archives are filled with interesting stories, some you may have heard of and some you may not have, and a couple that are mysteries.

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