Watch out - snakes about this summer!

There have been reports of snake sightings across the city.

Snakes may well have been displaced due to the water rising and falling so quickly recently and they will be on the move as it warms up again.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) tell us the reality is that snakes and humans have much in common: We both enjoy warm weather after a long winter, we love spending time outdoors in parkland and bushy areas, and most of us like to keep to ourselves and prefer to avoid confrontation.

If you encounter a snake it is likely to be as surprised as you are, and equally as keen as you to make itself scarce.

Although their typical response is to flee humans, sometimes their favoured escape route can be directly towards us!

The best thing to do if you encounter a snake? Stay still or move in the opposite direction.

Eastern brown snakes are the most common in north east Victoria with the occasional tiger snake or red bellied black snake, which are usually found around wetlands, creeks and rivers, according to DELWP.

The above three species are highly venomous, but it is rare for them to bite people.

Most snake bites are received by people who try to capture or kill a snake.

DELWP insists residents do not attempt to capture or harm snakes. Instead call DELWP on 136 186 for further advice, or call a licensed snake catcher.

Snakes are protected and removal is NOT a council role. Our staff do not remove snakes.

Local contractors are available (these are not council contractors).

  • Tristan Hamilton - 0431 530 057; and
  • Noel Crossman from Pest Control - 0412 576 541.

Charges may apply when using these contractors.

Residents can do their bit by maintaining lawns and cleaning up around their house, as snakes are attracted to shelter such as piles of rocks and timber, sheets of metal, and building materials.

Below is a map of snake sightings around Wodonga.