Water tower lights up in support

What does Wodonga's water tower have in common with Flinders Street Station? 

Both will be lit up in red during October for the Light It Red for Dyslexia campaign as a part of Dyslexia Awareness Month.

Light It Red for Dyslexia is an initiative to light significant monuments and landmarks across Australia in red for dyslexia awareness.

Albury Wodonga Dyslexia Support Group member Andrea Weppner said Light It Red campaign was one way for the community's awareness to increase.

"We are fortunate to have the water tower and The Cube Wodonga wall in Wodonga lit up red for the month of October," Mrs Weppner said.

Dyslexia relates to problems with reading and related difficulties, comprehension, spelling and writing are common. Some also experience difficulties with working memory, attention and organisational skills.

Mrs Weppner said people had a lot of assumptions on what dyslexia was.

"Many in our community think those with dyslexia have low intelligence, this isn’t true as it occurs in people of all intellectual levels," she said.

"Some people think it's just about letters jumping around on a page but it's so much more than that. It's about the processes and it can really hold kids back.

"There are some adults who have really struggled their whole lives and that's because they didn't know they had dyslexia."

A range of activities have been planned at the Wodonga Library this month.

The library will showcase their resources, including a range of books especially tailored to those with dyslexia. The books have yellow stickers for easy identification.

There will also be a display providing information on MSL courses in Wodonga.

For more information on the Albury Wodonga Dyslexia Support Group visit www.awdsg.weebly.com