Ways to boost your brain power

Engage in creative tasks as they activate the whole brain and limit the time spent on screens.

These were some of the tips at the Super Brain Train event, a free interactive educational workshop held at the Wodonga Library.

The session was hosted by Melbourne-based wellness and nutrition coach Maggie Flanagan who successfully captured and held the attention of her audience for the entire two hours.

Ms Flanagan said a common misconception was that aging and memory loss were two things many assumed go hand-in-hand but says this is not the case.

"Scientific research now knows that memory loss is not a normal part of ageing," she said.

"In fact, thanks to neuroplasticity research (Norman Doidge), there are now recognised ways to improve your memory as you age."

The end of the workshop involved some exercises to awaken the brain where participants were asked to copy a series of exercises set to music.

Laughter filled the library as participants got into the swing of the exercises.

There was one main take home message for participants, Ms Flanagan said.

"Look for ways to bring activities together, so one way you could do this is by joining a group art class or exercise group which you can take part in while connecting with people in your community," she said.

Ms Flanagan hopes to host a second event in the near future to "take participants to the next level".