Welcome to Wodonga's newly arrived and international students

Wodonga Federation of Government Schools is delighted to welcome our newly arrived and international students to Wodonga.

The event marks the spirit of inclusiveness which is alive and well within the school communities.

There are more than 19 international students as well as more than 60 newly arrived students from China, Bhutan, Nepal, Taiwan, Burundi, Ukrainian.

Students will come together at The Cube Wodonga to be officially welcomed by Wodonga Mayor Cr Anna Speedie and enjoy performances from fellow students and hear the lived experiences of other students who have made Wodonga home and a place to further their education.

Mr Vern Hilditch Executive Principal Wodonga Middle Years College and Wodonga Senior Secondary College said they were very excited to have such diversity within the schools.

"We welcome the experiences and insights they bring from their home country. The newly arrived and international students' journeys are truly inspiring. While they have arrived in Wodonga from different places there is similarities in their experiences. Leaving their homes with all their possessions in one back and arriving in a different country and not knowing the language is one of the first challenges they face. Establishing new friends is very important.

”Today’s welcome event acknowledges the student's journey and extends the warmth of our school communities to these students. It is the beginning of a new journey that we hope fulfils their potential and aspirations.

"Our newly arrived and international students contribute so much to our students and community. It is great they have chosen Wodonga to live and study."