Westmont calling for volunteers

Westmont Community Care Services has a number of volunteering opportunities available for people in the community looking to give their time.

The programs include: Meals on Wheels, Social Connections, Telephone Chat or the Friendly Visting program.

Meals on Wheels: Meals on Wheels volunteers collect meals from the hospital and deliver them to people in the community seven days a week. A meal run takes approximately one to one and a half hours. People who give time to Meals on Wheels often say that volunteering adds a new dimension to their lives. Volunteers use their own car and must have a current driver’s licence. A $5 petrol voucher is provided to the volunteer for each meal run.

Social Connections: The Social Connections Program is aimed at people who are socially isolated or are at risk of social isolation. The program helps to assist people to reconnect with their community by attending excursions and centre-based activities that focus on mental and physical stimulation. The program aims to enhance the social and physical wellbeing of participants in a pleasant group environment. Lunch and morning tea is served, and transport is provided if required. Each program is designed to respond to the individual needs of participants. Social Connections volunteers can assist with meal preparation and serving, gardening tasks, activities and client outings. Shifts are available five days a week.

Telephone Chat: The Telephone Chat Program is a telephone visiting service where clients are matched with volunteers for a regular, friendly chat at an agreed time. Volunteers are matched with clients based on their interests, hobbies and availability. The key aim of the Telephone Chat Program is to provide friendship and companionship to participants. A phone chat can help break down isolation, so clients can remain connected and included in their own community. This program is for people who enjoy social contact via the phone.

Friendly Visiting program: The Friendly Visiting Program is based around volunteers who visit with clients in their own home at a regular time every week or fortnight for a chat, a cup of tea or a short walk. Almost any activity can fit into the Friendly Visiting Program. The program is designed for clients who are over 65, live independently, have less social contact with friends and family then they would like and feel isolated. Clients and volunteers are matched based on their interests, hobbies and availability.

Westmont will assist and pay for volunteers to complete a police check application.

Volunteers will also need to complete an application form, statutory declaration and confidentiality agreement.

Training is provided at induction and volunteer meetings are held three times a year.

For further information on these volunteering opportunities, please contact Westmont's Community Care Volunteers co-ordinator Krissy Gardner on (02) 6043 9867 or email kgardner@westmont.org.au