Wodonga builds on strong results in community satisfaction survey

Wodonga Council has recorded another strong result in the annual statewide community satisfaction survey.

The overall performance score of 67, up four points from 63 last year, was significantly higher than the average rating for councils statewide and in the regional centres group with scores of 59 and 58 respectively.

Wodonga Mayor Cr Anna Speedie thanked the community for providing their feedback and supporting the city to grow and develop.

“There is a great vision for this city and we are seeing that vision come to fruition in the past few years,” she said.

“Importantly, I want to thank the community for taking the time to provide the feedback not only through this survey but through all their contact with their councillors and with council staff.

“We are working together to build a fantastic city and these results are a testament to the great work we are all doing across this community to make Wodonga a liveable and thriving city.”

The survey, conducted by an independent company appointed by the state government, showed the council’s performance on key measures increased or was stable.

Wodonga Council’s ratings significantly exceeded the group averages for the regional centres and the statewide averages in every core performance measure.

The council’s customer service score increased two points from last year’s score to 80 and remained the council’s best performing area.

The appearance of public areas and art centres and libraries continue to be the council’s highest rated areas with scores of 78 and 77 respectively.

Chief Executive Officer Patience Harrington said the results were testament to the organisation’s staff and their commitment to their role in the community.

“These results are a great credit to my staff, the work they do and the pride they show in their jobs.,” she said.

“Our community has seen great change in recent years, a new city centre, infrastructure across our neighbourhoods and major upgrades to our recreation precincts.

“It is important for us to see from this survey what the community values and what we can improve on.

“I want to congratulate my staff on what they have achieved and thank our community for their feedback, which we receive through this survey but also through the consultation and engagement we have throughout the year.”

The Local Government Victoria survey, conducted independently of the council, involved 400 Wodonga residents and was done in February and March this year.

The survey provides core performance measures that meet the council’s statutory annual reporting requirements.

Sixty-four of the 79 councils in Victoria took part in this year’s statewide survey.