Wodonga Hills Advisory Group holds first meeting

The Wodonga Hills Advisory Group at their inaugural meeting: Lucy Widdup, Joy Sloane, Colin Elliott, James Stewart and Isuru Gamage.

The Wodonga Hills Advisory Group met for the first time on Wednesday night to start the process of implementing the Wodonga Hills Strategy and Master Plans.

The five community members and a representative from the Department of Water, Environment, Land and Planning met with Chief Executive Officer Patience Harrington representing the council; with apologies from the CFA and the Aboriginal community.

The group spent the first meeting undertaking some administrative task, confirming the Terms of Reference and agreeing on the schedule for future meetings, which will be held fortnightly for the next few months.

The next several meetings will be rigorous review of documents and workshops with council officers, followed by a series of visits to individual hill sites.

Chair Colin Elliott said the group was looking forward to getting on with the task at hand.

“I am really look forward to working with my colleagues to bring about some great outcomes for the protection and enjoyment of our hills,” Mr Elliott said.

“Everyone around the table is passionate about the hilltops and each of them bring a range of skills and perspectives to our discussion.

“Over the next two months we will be about getting our heads around the strategy, around the landscape and then getting down to what our key role is in this strategy; to advise council about priorities.”

A motion to form an advisory group was part of the resolution adopting the strategy and plans in October 2017.

Mr Elliott is joined by Lucy Widdup, Isuru Gamage, Joy Sloan and Adam Dyde.

The collective skills of the group include environmental science, education, research, community engagement, accountancy and volunteering.

Updates on the group’s progress and meetings will be posted on the council’s consultation portal makewodongayours.com.au.

Those wanting to bring items to the attention of the hills advisory group can email makewodongayours@wodonga.vic.gov.au

The group’s appointment is for a period of two years.

The next meeting for the group will be later this month.