Youth asked to flip drugs on their head

Wodonga Council, in conjunction with the Wodonga Local Drug Action Team (LDAT), will host a drug prevention activity on Thursday, April 11 at Wodonga Plaza.

The dangers of drug use are well-known and well-publicised.

In Wodonga, council is working with the LDAT to prevent drug use in the first place, by looking at positive things in your life that help us make the right decisions for our wellbeing.

These things could be family, friends, hobbies, offering support to others, and participating in your community.

Wodonga Council and the LDAT sought and were awarded $15,000 in funding from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to create a social media campaign to address the issues and stigma surrounding drug mis-use and encourage the community to be more inclusive.

Together with project partner, Dutch Media, a campaign - Deck'd - was developed where youth were asked to create designs to go on skateboards, which will form part of a gallery at Wodonga Plaza.

Wodonga Council’s Community Planning and Wellbeing Manager Claire Taylor said council and the LDAT worked with youth to understand the key drivers surrounding drug mis-use (social isolation, lack of role models, boredom), and developed a campaign around that information.

“For the designs, we asked the youth to think outside the box and look at positive aspects in their life that would help them or a friend to avoid developing any problems with drugs,” she said.

“We asked them to think about their family, friends, connection, community, reaching out, creativity, music, having hobbies and being active.”

More than 60 skateboards will be on display at today’s Deck’d event, which runs from 10am to 4pm.

There will be skateboarding demonstrations and lessons by OwnLife, giving youth the opportunity to try a new hobby.

The Freeza Youth will provide a sausage sizzle, with winners of the skateboard design competition announced at 3pm.